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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Inspirational Beauty

Katie Piper is my heroine, she didn't deserve to be attacked by having acid thrown in her face as revenge for leaving her abusive partner. She may have been a model and presenter before the attack, but to me her bravery and poise make her even more beautiful and inspirational. The link above will take you to an interview on the BBC and tell you about her documentary programme due to air this month about her journey through so many facial operations.

I hope you take from this post and the video the fact that real beauty is not what you see, it's what's underneath, this is the kind of beauty we should all strive for.


  1. Thank you for posting this! This month in the states, we celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness. This type of information and positive feedback provided by you - absolutely has the power to empower any person experiencing this type of trauma in their life.

  2. My exact thoughts. Beauty comes from with in. :)

  3. Hey Jasmine, I gave you blog and award because your outlook, products and knowledge make for a great read. Please visit!

    Thanks for your amazing blog!
    Emma :)


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