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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Perfect Mascara Tips

I've just been sent two mascaras (Eyeko, NYX) and bought an Almay one. Being a fair minded scientist, I need to compare them properly and empirically! So I thought I'd do a post about how I review Mascaras as well as a few tips I've learned on how to deal with different lashes!

Smell = Too chemically and I know that I am going to be allergic and red eyes are not attractive however beautiful my lashes might look. You should also check your mascara choice is safe for contact lens wearers too.

Glossiness = This is probably the most important to me. This attribute tells you a lot about the consistency and how old a mascara is. A good mascara should have a lustre about it, that tells you that it is smooth and will go on the lashes without clumping. I should add that clumping is not due to the brush or the product (unless the mascara is old and dry), it is how you use it! Be patient, one thin coat at a time with enough drying time between coats means that you can do loads of coats! Don't be tempted to do several at once, going over the same lashes several times before dry or clumping will ensue!

Waterproof - I like waterproof mascara as I have a habit of rubbing my eyes without remembering that I am wearing mascara! If you are nodding your head after reading that, it just shows how normal we are!

Pigmentation - There are so many colours to choose from these days, personally I have three favourites - blue, black and brown. A good black mascara should contain a blue pigment which really adds depth. Blue mascaras are great for framing brown and hazel eyes and vice versa brown mascara really compliments blue and green eyes.

Brush/Wand - This is probably the next most important part of a mascara. It's also a very personal attribute that can either help or hinder great lashes, it depends on what your lashes are like.

The image above is a selection of different brushes that you might find, there are even weirder and more wonderful spiky balls, vibrating wands, combs etc...

You know what your lashes are like; some people have thick or thin lashes, long or short or like me, a mixture. My lashes are long (thanks largely to Lilash, remember Lilash will lengthen but not increase thickness or number of lashes!) but of varying lengths.

If you have short lashes, volume is not what you need from your mascara, so avoid brushes which are too bristly i.e. quite dense as that will just make them look thick and short! Instead go for a brush which is quite thin with short bristles that you can turn 90 degrees (pointing the tip of the brush at your eyeball) and pull through the lashes, coating a few at a time.

For long lashes, curl your lashes in several places, root, half way and then near the end. Go for a brush which is has more spiral to it which you can use on the top of the lashes, rather than brushing upwards from underneath the lashes, try curling the wand on the top of the lashes, and see how much more curl and length you get by catching the lashes right at the end!

For thin or sparse lashes, use a mascara with plenty of fibre and has a slightly thicker consistency, but apply sparingly and in several coats to build up a natural looking thickness. would also perhaps think about dyeing them unless they are weak as the hairs will swell slightly when dyed. Also be careful when removing mascara, in particular waterproof, as rubbing at the lashes will weaken them. Invest in a good eye make up remover or even use my recipe and method which if you follow the links will take you to the videos.

For thick lashes, use a mascara which has a thinner consistency so it doesn't stick the lashes together and with a fairly dense bristly brush which is going to catch all of the little lashes at the root. Wiggle the brush sideways and work to the end of the lashes.

Lower lashes, this is a personal choice, sometimes I do my lower lashes but not always as it's easy for them to look a bit creepy and thin. If in doubt just touch the ends of the lashes with the brush to transfer a little colour which will emphasise without looking spidery.

So those are my views on reviewing mascara and a few tips for getting the best out of yours!


  1. Great mascara tips! Looking forward to seeing what you think about your mascaras.

  2. Such a great post. Thanks for your knowledge and tips :)

  3. Thanks for the tips, I always got confused whetther you were supposed to put the second coat when it is still wet or after it has dried. So thanyou!

  4. Great tips! I was just thinking of reviewing a couple of my mascaras. :D

  5. Thanks for these tips. I love my waterproof mascara. Couldn't be without it.


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  7. I'm soo glad that you wrote about coats of mascara. Sometimes I do not know when I should put it on ... But your reviews are always the best so it wasn't a suprise :)

    But I get confused about NYX products. Is this brand really Cruelty Free?

  8. Great post dear!
    Thanx so much for the lovely tips! :)



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