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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Gel Liners from Coastal Scents

I recently was sent 12 of the new gel liners from Coastal Scents, with some awesome Crown Brushes (separate post once I have exhaustively tested them!). I tried four of the liners on my eyes to see how they performed.

In terms of pigmentation, in the pot they look amazing, on the eye however they are sheer. To be fair I used them on a bare eye lid rather than over shadow, so the pigmentation would improve slightly but I feel not enough for my skin tone to give me a thick, defined line.

However what you get from less pigmentation is that the texture is smooth and light, it doesn't drag the skin when you apply like some can and they are also not greasy.

To remove the liner a good oil based eye make up remover works for me.

Personally I think they make wonderful eye shadow bases and for those of you who like their gel eyeliners to be more subtle then these are pretty good. I think they might look different on someone with different skin tone, but for me, the lighter colours don't show up as vibrant as I would like.

There are 24 different colours in the range and they are $6.95 each (+ shipping to your country and in some cases import tax) from the Coastal Scents Website.


  1. They look really good, and in a cool range of colours too.
    Thanks :)

  2. ..p.s. I have replied on my blog about Aussie but feel free to send me an email if it is a it confusing and I'll do my best to explain :)
    Emma xx

  3. they do look really good on you. I think they would be nice as shadow bases.

  4. They do look lovely but I think I would want something more defined. Like you said probably great as a base.


  5. Oooh this helps, because I'm thinking of getting/trying out these, but omg shipping all the way to Australia, quite expensive, so I'm kind of making sure they're worth it haha.. And I am thinking of using it as a base, instead of merely as liners. Awesome!


  6. I'm glad I didn't order them. I really want them to really show up. I don't need an eyeshadow base. Thanks for swatching these.


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