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Friday, 11 September 2009

Sleek Make UP Pout Polish - Sneaky Peek

I've been playing with my new tinted lip conditioner by Sleek Make UP, it's available in four shades, but I have Perfect Plum which is the darkest in the range; a spicy plum colour.

You all know that my staple lip tint is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for cheeks and lips in Velvet Plum. It isn't a gloss so it's hard to compare on that aspect. But I was interested to try something with a 1/4 of the price tag!

The Pout Polish from Sleek Make UP is slightly different in consistency, more like a gloss but not really very glossy just not matte or dry so I wouldn't really be happy to put it on my cheeks as the colour distribution wouldn't be as good. It's great for natural looks as it's a similar tone as my natural lip colour. However, on the lips a little goes a long way.

A small amount can be applied as a sheer sheen of colour. If I add a bit more then it comes out a lovely dark cherry colour. I don't really like applying lip products with fingers so that would stop me putting it in my handbag and taking it out and about. That's my only complaint!

It's moisturising and nourishing as it's made with shea butter and almond oil, has an SPF 15 so it's good for all seasons and whatever the environment throws at you! It lasts about an hour or so before I feel the need to reapply but it wears off naturally rather than leaving patches of colour on any dry bits of skin so a top up is all that's needed.

Pout Polish Tinted Lip Conditioner from Sleek Make UP is £3.91 and available in Superdrug. The other colours are called Electro Peach, Pink Cadillac and Chocolate Kiss.


  1. I love these. The peachy one is amazing over a nude lipstick.

  2. Ooh...think I might be tempted to try this..wish it came as a stick :o)

  3. i just popped into Superdrug earlier in the afternoon and saw this! there weren't any testers available to try though.

  4. They look lovely, I might have to go buy one, I love the packaging....very sleek! (haha I'm hilarious!)

  5. You're so lucky with living in the UK. I wish I had a Superdrug down the road. By the way, do you know if Sleek products cruelty free? Hope to see more reviews on Sleek from you. Thanks!

  6. I like sleek pout polish! they smell nice and do give a natural look, I must agree applying with fingers isn't ideal but I like the way they are so flat because I struggle with some products that have deeper pots and end up with balm uner my nails (so annoying)


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