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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

In love with my new cleanser...

I have been using this Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing Face Gel cleanser for about two weeks, I was going to buy the Eve Lom cleanser but was put off by the £70 price tag. I don't know about you but that's more than the average person earns in a day so it's an awful lot to spend on a cleanser! This cleanser is £32 for a 50ml tube. (Currently there is a 3 for 2 on the Karin Herzog UK website)

I like
  • The smell - yummm! It's floral with a hint of coconut, I love the smell, even my husband liked it!
  • It's effective - scrupulously clean face and feels brighter and softer after using it
  • You don't have to wet your face and then faff about with the tube with you wet hands!
  • I am not allergic to it. Huge relief as I've been sent stuff that I didn't review because it made me itch!
  • My skin has been better (less rosacea and break outs) since using it.
I dislike
  • The texture takes a little getting used to as it is a bit like vaseline and you have to let it melt between the fingers before applying.
  • It works for taking off eye make up but needs to be reapplied mid way which is awkward and messy - I use it after I've taken off the worst of my eye make up to make sure it's all gone.
Would I buy it?
I normally use Dermalogica Precleanse which to me is the best since I had a facial using it. However I still use a separate eye make up remover, which I think is just a given really for people with dry/rosacea prone skin and I don't like rubbing my eyes and getting black all over the skin as it can stain! I don't want to wash my face with a drying foaming wash which would take every trace away in one go. So YES I would buy it, and consider the rest of the range.

I have made a demonstration video on my channel, you can see it by clicking on this link!


  1. I was thinking about getting Dermologica products but the last few facials I have had they used Epicuren on now I am torn!

    It is always scary trying something new...I don't want to spend a lot of money on things that may not work.

    I always surf the drugstore brands thinking there is a hidden jewel =D

  2. Could you post a tutorial on how to do the lymph drainage massage on your face?


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