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Monday, 21 September 2009

Cosmetic Diary Tag!

So I thought I'd start a tag, I don't know if it's original or not but I thought it would be interesting to total up and document what I use in a day. I am a list-a-holic, I love making lists of things, it helps me organise my thoughts and prioritise stuff.

You know if you're planning a diet they say you should first do a food diary to see where you can cut things out or substitute for healthier alternatives, well I thought I'd do the same for my cosmetics to see what I use in a day.

I generally wipe my face with a damp cloth and apply some aloe vera gel because I am either going to the gym, running, cycling or swimming so no point in applying make up or showering until afterwards! If I am not going to do those, say if I have a meeting or can't get to the gym etc, then I use the same products in the morning.

Today I went swimming at Lunch time so here's what I took
Shower - The Body Shop Shower Gel in Morninga
Wash Hair Tisserand Rosemary Shampoo and Original Source Almond Conditioner
Clean Face Karin Herzog Professional Cleanser
Tone Face Aloe Vera Gel
Moisturise and Protect Glycolic Acid Moisturiser followed by Clinique SPF30
Body Moisturiser The Body Shop Vanilla Lotion

Naked Blowdry/Curling Cream (optional)

Make Up - this is my go to look as it takes me 5 minutes
e.l.f Studio Concealer and Highlighter (Medium)
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks (Velvet Plum)
Bare Faced Beauty Mineral Foundation (Sincere)
M.A.C Kohl (Duck)
M.A.C Eye Shadows (Satin Taupe, Brule and Amber Lights)
Sleek Pout Polish (Perfect Plum)
e.l.f Waterproof Mascara (black)

I have a hormonal spot at the moment on my cheek, it's painful and massive so I am using Karin Herzog Vit A Kombi 3 cream a few times a day on the area to bring it down!

In my bag I am carrying Pink Sprinkles Mango and Lime Lip Balm, it seriously is the smoothest lip balm ever and Australis lip and cheek cream in case I fancy a bit of colour. I also carry the Body Shop's Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream.

Baby Oil and Rosewater & Glycerin Toner eye make up remover (my own recipe see video for how to make it and then this video on how to use it.
Karin Herzog Professional Cleanser removed with a damp microfibre or muslin cloth.
Aloe Vera Gel
Glycolic Acid Moisturiser
Almond oil on my cuticles as my nails have been really bad and splitting and flaking (yuck) so this is helping bring them back to health.

so that's an average day in the life of my cosmetics - 24 products - that doesn't include toothpaste and mouthwash though!! It also doesn't consider when I do tutorials, I guess I should post again if someone tags me back! I'd love to read about your Cosmetics Diary, so let me know if you decide to take me up on my tag, however, consider yourself ALL TAGGED!



  1. What a good idea for a post!
    It was interesting to read what you use on a day to day basis.
    The stuff you use for your blemishes sounds good. Has it been effective?xx

  2. I have just done mine for today- although it isnt very interesting!! I have not had a great product day! If you want to read it, it is at

    Thanks for yours Jasmine!
    Emma :)

  3. i love this tag!

    i just did it if you want to read it!


  4. Thanks for this tag! Great idea. I've done my list if anyone wants to read it.


  5. @ Lauren, the Vit A Kombi 3 is very good, works in one day, I really did have a painful hormone spot that normally takes five days, after one day of using the cream, it's not painful and going down a treat!

    Thanks every one for the tag responses, it's really interesting reading what you use!

  6. What a cute post. I love seeing what we all use on an everyday basis. Will def. try to get this posted on my blog in the near future.

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