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Saturday, 21 November 2009

New Lip Collection from e.l.f - swatches!

Normally I shy away from e.l.f reviews simply because you know that I do videos for their YouTube channel and I don't want to bring anyone's reputation, especially my own, in to question.

However I decided to break this vow of reviewing silence to tell you about their new lip ranges as I am quite impressed with them. A big box of them arrived the other day and I have been swatching and wearing them and I am liking them more and more.

I honestly don't know how e.l.f have managed to crack some of the most difficult products to get right such as the undereye concealers, eye shadow transformer, mineral make up and HD powder for such a great price. I remember asking them directly, how are they so cheap and are they worth it? Their reply was that it was all down to not spending a huge amount on fancy packaging, marketing and more on customer service and deliveries and good products which bring customers back again. I've been using their products for about a year and as time goes on, more of their stuff especially studio, has crept in to my professional kit. To be honest I think the answer to my question is simply that make up isn't that hard to make properly, we are just lead to believe that innovation means better and therefore we should pay more. I don't believe that, I think there is little left in the science of make up formulation, as I like to use products that are going to stick around rather than be here one season and gone the next.

Anyway, I think that is enough rambling from me on to the review!

I do firstly I want to thank my unwilling volunteer for allowing me to swatch the new products on to his arm, hence the hairy scary bits. I thought you'd appreciate it if I used a different skin tone as well as my own. It really shows how different colours and textures can look on skin tones.

So here are a few swatches from the new lipstains, 2in1 conditioning glosses, minty lipglosses and mineral lipsticks!

My initial review, having had a little play with them is that my favourite products so far are the lipstains, I am delighted that there is a lovely selection of 7 natural shades. My fave is red carpet just because it is so rich. Unlike other lipstains I have used, this one does come off with cream or oil based cleansers so if you get bored or fancy a change it's easy.

The lipstains are as ever a great price.

As ever the mineral lipsticks are buttery and sheer, the 3 new shades are natural nymph a cooler pink than nicely nude, runway pink a natural beige pink and rosy tan less spicy than rosy raisin.

The 2 in 1 Conditioning Lipglosses don't really show up on my skin tone unless they are the darker ones and they take a bit of getting used to, there is a definite knack of where to squeeze the tube to get both components out of the tube at the same time to get the colour and conditioner. They are in separate parts of the tube, looks cool but I am not sure why they have to be separate. Anyhoo, they are a decent size of 13.5 grammes which is the same size as the normal elf lipglosses.

The Minty Lipglosses are pleasantly minty, but not as minty as the plumping lip glazes but menthol none the less. I also love the flavour, a bit of a breath freshener as well, always good when in someone's face doing their make up! They feel nice too, not too sticky either.

I have yet to fully review the mineral lipglosses as well! Please, e.l.f, don't bring out any more lip products, my storage is bursting with them!

All of the products are £3.50 and e.l.f are always bringing out offers, I think there is an exciting one in time for Christmas too. I guess if you want to hear about them first, subscribe to their twitter/facebook and website for instant news.

There is a video on the elfcosmeticsUK YouTube Channel if you'd like to see more, I've just included a few images in this review.

I have also received from e.l.f the new mineral eyeliners, lip liners, ,liquid eye liners, Studio Pressed powders, lipbalm, eyeshadow duos, Studio daily brush cleaner and brush shampoo. A review will follow soon, but give me time to eat and sleep please!


  1. Thanks for the review Jasmine..
    I do love elf.. and some of these will definately be in my next order :)

    Eagerly waiting for your palette blog sale.. But don't want you to tire yourself out.. so will wait :)
    I just hope I dont miss out on palettes that I want.. I know the answer to this but still.. can I pre order?? :)

    Anyways.. to let you know recieved my sleek illuminator today.. and love it.. thanks so much

  2. I was recently introduced to elf products, and absolutely love them. I actually ordered one of the mineral lipsticks today (along with some eyeshadows and nail polish) but I'm really impressed with their whole range, and can't wait to try out a few more of their things. xxx

  3. Oooh, some very gorgeous stuff! I'm waiting for payday to order a box of xmas presents from ELF. Might have to treat myself as well :)

  4. lovely review jasmine , i am eagerly waiting for review on their mineral lipsticks :) esp if you got basic brown and Natural Nymph

  5. Me too pay day and then I will order some goodies :) Thanks for the review!

  6. Great review, Im such a makeup juinkie yet ive still not tried ELF!

  7. nice! do their concealers work with brown skin? :o)

  8. These look gorgeous :)\
    I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the Studio Pressed Powder, I haven't found many reviews of that.

  9. Mad munky, if you haven't tried them, I would recommend the undereye concealer and highlighter - blooming genius stuff. All over colour stick for full coverage concealer with new shades just released I think.

    star_violet I have the pressed powders too, just so much new stuff from elf, I am a bit overwhelmed. From initial messing about, good shade choice and nice texture.

  10. jus saw youtube version and my oh my i loved the lipstick swatches ,, so pretty am drooling now..haha gonna get and must get all of them ..:)

    thanks for great review jasmine

    u should try their products they are cruelty free and awsum value of money infact if u order these days they are giving FREE Studio 27 piece Makeup Collection worth £15 with every order of £25 or more!!Please use coupon code AGIFT4U on your 'shopping bag' page to qualify. :)

  11. Thanks for the swatches, too bad the pictures look very small in my browser :-S

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  14. hi.. jasmine..
    i am from india and going to marry in January
    i want to make a bunch of cosmetics ... can u help me to make my make up kit


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