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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Make Up Storage! 100th Post!!

A natural follow on from having a rationalisation of make up for both a charity blog sale and moving house is to then broach the unenviable task of organising it! I've been putting this off for a long time and I couldn't procrastinate any longer! My reason being that I had been searching for decent sized, hard wearing boxes with compartments and hadn't found anything until I popped in to Rymans and found what I had wanted for less than £10 each!

After organising my make up and watching a few videos on other gurus' collections I have another reason to be happy I only collect cruelty free make up. I can fit my personal collection of make up in to two boxes. That doesn't take in to account my professional kit, that's another video in itself and my palettes, skin care, hair care and make up sets which take up a whole two drawers!

Other news is that my main DV camera is playing up, skipping sections of video which is frustrating and it's hard to go back and record sections of make up tutorials again! I see this as an opportunity to try out a few new HD cameras and see how they go. So over the next few weeks I will be trying a few for quality, editing and performance. Thank you for bearing with me whilst I am sorting this out.

The Charity Blog sale will be coming up shortly, items will be posted in batches as there is too much to put in one post!


  1. Amazing storage solution! You have a fantastic collection too hunny, so jealous! hehe.


  2. Fantastic storage solution and from Rymans as well. I need to get around to organising my make up as it's in too many random drawers. x

  3. Im investing in some plastic storage boxes,and some smaller ones to put inside.All from Poundland cheapskate I know,no where near as good as yours though Jasmine :o)


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