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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lilac Nail Polish - Cheap vs Expensive

I have two lilac nail polishes. I faced a dilemma, which to use today? I could do a Harry Hill inspired "Fiiiiiiiiiiiight!" but that would be difficult to explain to my husband! So, a half and half was the next best thing.

So I took O.P.I Do you lilac it? and Eyeko Lilac nail polishes and did a bit of a quick comparison.

They look identical in the bottle. Take a look at these photos of the process!

Eyeko One Coat, you'd always need two.

O.P.I One Coat is enough if you're in a real rush.

Two coats + top coat
O.P.I is thicker and takes longer to dry, but lasts.

Eyeko is less shiny but doesn't snag as easily.

It's not news to us that with most things in life, you get what you pay for. O.P.I nail polishes retail for ~£10 and Eyeko for ~£3. I was impressed with the Eyeko but if I reach for a lilac again, it will be the O.P.I.

Who knows, Eyeko might bring out a colour that isn't in the O.P.I range!

I feel like I am wearing odd socks, as one hand is Eyeko, the other O.P.I.


  1. Wow I really like the effect of both =) The color suits you a lot! I have the eyeko polish in lilac and love it, its just so creamy.

  2. I prefer the O.P.I. colour. It's deeper and looks very trendy.

  3. oh they both look lovely Jasmine!
    I just received my very first OPI nail polishes (bought them OPI in Italy...and what else is new!) and since I couldn't find the Do you Lilac it I chose other lilac colour which turned out to be absolutely adorable. It's called Done out in Deco and it's lighter than the Do you Lilac it, the thing I love of it is that it's less "pink" and looks more "retro" :) I can swatch it for you if you like. I am very happy I ended up with this colour, absolutely recommened!
    I'm in love with OPI now..ahi ahi ahi :)

  4. I have checked out this colour and love it too, it's more grey but so beautiful! xxx

  5. Gosh also do a really lovely lilac.. and its lasts long too!

  6. @Mouldy Fruit - ahaha, another one, my husband will think I have gone insane! But I may have to check it out!! x

  7. Hi Jasmine!
    I recently bought a Gosh nail polish in Wild Lilac and from the picture you posted, it looks very similar to the OPI one you're talking about. I also have a Sally Hansen studio polish that's a bit of a darker kind of lilac with a bit of shimmer, it is called 6409-06 Night Hydrangea.
    I paid 6$ in Canada for the Gosh one and I think it applies just like a dream :)


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