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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fantasy Shopping at Aspire Style.

My favourite shop is Aspire Style, it's a small boutique with an array of beautiful, stylish and original clothes and accessories. I normally can't afford to go mad in this shop but I was lucky enough to spend the day at their store being styled for a photoshoot in a local magazine. I say styled but it entailed me in my pants and bra trying on everything in the shop until we had composed three wonderful outfits. I'd come prepared with a list of items from their website to try but ended up with only half of them as there were other items which suited me better!

I'll detail the outfits below, one is a day look and the other two are evening Christmas party looks. I haven't quite decided on which evening outfit to wear for the shoot, perhaps you could help me decide?!

It was a heavenly two hours of trying on dresses, shoes, coats and the accessories... I felt like a child playing dress up but this was very real and so much fun, I would recommend it to anyone need a little cheering up! The only downside is that I don't get to keep any of the clothes but who knows they may let me keep one or two items as thanks for featuring them in my article...

So here's what I got, some of the more professional images courtesy of the Aspire website! I haven't put all the prices in as I don't know then, so if you like the look of something, check the website for details!

Outfit one is a knee length violet double breasted jacket, with subtle lilac rose detail on the frilled cuffs and belt. I'm dressing it up with teal 80 denier tights, the most gorgeous suede embroidered half calf lace up (with zip) boots and the new love of my life peacock weekend bag. The rose headband will hold back my hair! The make up will be autumnal featuring browns, bronzes and purples with a hint of teal.

St Martins Kassie coat, purple (large) £155.00, Bobby Pin peacock weekend bag £55.95, Poetic Licence black boots (7) £129.00, Large rose headband (Plum) £9.95

The next outfit is one of the evening party outfits. This side fastening high necked jacket is so soft and the gold and black buttons make it very special. It's warm and cosy but feminine and fitted at the waist. I normally don't go for these types of jackets but I am glad that the lovely ladies at Aspire urged me to try it as it is gorgeous! This jacket is teamed with a black and gold sequinned stretchy tunic top. The black leggings aren't shown but the outfit will be completed by black round toed shoes and a gold sequinned clasp purse.

Fever Kobe jacket, black £95.00, Traffic People Tunic Top £?? Poetic Licence, A new day shoe, £75

The final outfit is a knee length black dress with golden daisy embroidery on the skirt, teamed with a small sequin see through jacket (not pictured), the same shoes and bag.

Fever Daisy Dress, £59, Belt £12.99

I haven't put in any photos of me in the outfits as these haven't been taken yet, but if the photographer is kind he/she might let me have a few to post on my blog and I will take a few on my camera too. Wish me luck!

Aspire Style Website is


  1. How much is that peacock bag? It is incredibly beautiful! :) x

  2. Beautiful clothes and accessories! They are all to die for, especially the Fever Kobe jacket!

  3. Gracie it's £55 but it is quite huge - and there are two other sizes, a mini purse and hand bag which are equally gorgeous!

    CBB - the Kobe Jacket it gorgeous, if I had to choose only one thing from all of them to buy it would be that jacket!

  4. Oh I am so loving the blue and black rings - off to website I go!


  5. I've popped into the store on the High Street in Oxford before. They have lovely accessories and gifts.

  6. Loving the second outfit! That jacket is beautiful! xxx

  7. Oh gosh, those clothes are stunning! I can't wait to see pictures :)

  8. Oh, those clothes are beautiful. Hope we get to see you in them! Loving that black jacket

  9. Awesome haul, I absolutely loove everything about the second party/night outfit! ;)


  10. Oh my gosh! I love the purple coat! It is beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous outfits :) I actually bought a belt just like the one in the 2nd outfit-with the leaf type design fastening-in new look yesterday for £5! In fact it looks like the exact same one! x


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