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Friday, 28 August 2009

Two DIY treatments for Dark Circles, did they work?

I get flooded with emails from women who are desperately unhappy about their dark under eye circles. So I did a bit of research in to what they are and what can help. I found out that dark circles can be caused either by poor health or they are unfortunately hereditary, it's always worth going to your doctor if you are concerned about them.

The skin under the eyes is a lot more delicate that the rest of the face, which is why it is the first place we see wrinkles and blood shows through as blue or brown in dark circles.

I was doing some internet window shopping to see what there was on the market to combat rather than cover up dark circles and came across the same sort of ingredients in many expensive brands, these were Vitamin K and Arnica. I know of Arnica as a homeopathic remedy for bruises so it seemed to make sense that it might work under the eye on dark circles. So I went to good old Holland and Barrett and bought some lightweight Arnica cream.

Arnica results: I have been using it on one under eye every day for the past month. There has been some improvement but sadly not enough to say that it was worth it. I think that if you have really noticeable and dark under eye circles you may fare better and for £3.50 it's worth a try.

As for Vitamin K, you can buy tablets or creams. Again Holland and Barrett has a Leg Health Cream with Vitamin K, for under £10. Vitamin K is found naturally in green leafy vegetables and it vital for blood clotting. Vitamin K in creams can be applied to reduce redness from spider veins and rosacea - both of which I have - as well as fading out hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone) and dark circles.

Vitamin K results: I used the Vitamin K cream on one half of my face and did notice a major improvement on my rosy cheek but not so much under the eyes, again this could be because I don't have majorly dark under eye circles. It's a very nice lightweight non greasy cream. The other bonus is that I haven't been allergic to it so for the price I may continue to use it as it's a nice moisturiser. I can't seem to find this on their website though!

Both of these products may or may not help you with dark circles but more importantly you won't have broken the bank and your hopes if they don't work. Let me know if they work for you!


  1. wow nice review:)

  2. was thinking of trying an arnica cream but might pass now. Thanks for the review!

    ps: I'm having a benefit blog sale, come check it out :)

  3. =] It's true that some dark under eye issues are hereditary, so a visit to the dermatalogist may be the real solution!

    Some cover them up with concealers which are helpful too, for short-term benefits.

    Thank you for sharing this review,Jasmine! Keep it up :)


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