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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

24 Carat Gold Obsession

This is my latest look, something glittery, shimmery, golden and glowy! I overdosed on gold!

I used a range new to me of mineral based eye shadows called Obsessed Minerals. The pressed mineral eye shadows are creamy and soft, not powdery or talc laden. They do take a bit of getting used to as they don't apply very well with brushes, unless they are synthetic or the dreaded foam pads! I find that using my fingers works very well and they are blendable and there is hardly any fall out. The look lasted all day and didn't crease which was very impressive considering they are mainly pigment, there must be something added in the pressing process which keeps them from being too dry or too oily, impressive indeed!

The eye shadows cost $US10 each so comparable with MAC shadows, I haven't tried depotting them as I don't think they will fit in a custom 15 palette. Perhaps Obsessed Minerals should think about a pressed palette which is a lot easier than stackable loose pigments to store and work with when you're on the go!

The lip glaze is infused with fine gold particles which aren't scratchy like some glittery lip glosses (e.g. Barry M's new red glitter lip gloss) and it contains Jojoba oil which makes it nourishing and comfortable to wear.

The tinted foundation primer I tried was a lovely consistency but the colour left my skin slightly ashy and grey, that was toned down a bit by a layer of mineral foundation and then some yellow colour corrective powder over the top. I have fed this back to Obsesssed Minerals in the hope that they will take this in to account for Indian skin tones.

The cream luminzer and blushers are just gorgeous, slightly creamier than I have tried before but that is great if you have slightly drier cheeks and combination skin. It dries to a powder finish which means it will last longer and nourish your skin rather than dry it out.

The liquid liner was a mixed bag as I liked the consistency of "Glittered" which I used in my look, but it lacked the intensity I needed, I should have used it over the top of a normal liquid liner to add glitter. You can see swatches of the liquid liners on the website.

Anyhoo, I really like this range, I think the packaging could be more robust as the plastic feels like it won't last a week in my pro box but it's the content which counts! The eye shadows are really for special occasions as they are so packed with shimmer, but I can see myself using this for Indian Bridal looks, they are just perfect! If you like Barry M but want the convenience of a mineral pressed shadow, getting some of these might just be your next obsession.

The tutorial for this look can be found on my YouTube Channel

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  1. I'd like to check this range out but I'm on 10 Pan at the moment so will have to comfort myself by playing with my current Barry M collection!


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