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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How to get girls excited about software!?


After over a year of agonising because I couldn't give you good close up photographs of the eye looks I create, I have done it! Better still it hasn't cost me a fortune in software or a new HD camera. I am feeling rather smug at the moment because I was seriously fretting about having to buy a better camera which would have cost me about £2500 for the one I want! Granted this route isn't as simple as taking a photo but I am not one to throw money at a problem until it goes away!

Here's an example of some of the pictures you can expect. Today's look is another fresh day look using plum and apricot, very fruity! I even remembered to fill in my eyebrows! I am sure that a tutorial will follow soon but for now at least you can see close up where I have put the shadows!

I haven't learned how to "photoshop" an image properly yet, so these are unretouched photos, but it would be nice to be able to smudge out a few lines and spots wouldn't it?!

Conclusion: I am a huge nerd and easy to please!


  1. These are great images! It's so clear and you can really see what you've done with your make up! I can't wait to see more - but if you didn't end getting a new camera what are you using to get these images?

  2. Share the secret Jasmine! These photos look great! x

  3. These pictures are so sharp and beautiful. Please let us know how you did it.

  4. Those are great, how did you manage this. I have to admit I adore Photoshop, it can just do so much.

  5. so what is the secret?!! do share!

  6. Nice photos...what is your secret Jasmine?

    aka NappyMACDiva on YT.

  7. You look as beautiful as ever...the software is only a small detail, the subject is a stunner!

  8. I don't see anything you could possibly want to Photoshop out, but the tool you'd use is called Clone Stamp. Click on a "non-blemish" area of the skin to clone, then "paint" out the blemish. Et voila! :)

  9. There are some great free websites out there for image editing, I'm a big fan of


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