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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sometimes it gets frustrating!

Please see an email correspondence from today copied below with names removed to protect those who I do not wish to persecute.

Most of the time the comments I get are appreciative and lovely for which I am very grateful. I do not make videos for adoration but it certainly is a bit of a boost when a nice comment comes along! When I get negative comments, I try to take them constructively unless they are racist, sexual or insulting.

I can't remember the comment that this person wrote but it wasn't kind - it was a bit like one of those Bridget Jones Jellyfish sting comments - that is mingled in with a kind of compliment but is still actually kind of rude when you think about it and that makes you feel silly for being offended - but you're still offended!

So in short, it p*ssed me off enough to remove it and block this petty person from making more annoying comments about how crap my tutorials are and how boring my looks are - wouldn't you? As fellow bloggers and YouTubers, if you are, doesn't the meanness begin to get you down so I reserve the right to remove and block whoever I like on my channel and make no excuses about it. I feel that it's then out of my system and I am moving on! So I was amazed to receive an email (below) from Ms Indignant below and she felt the need to ask me why I have blocked her as if I should be lucky to have someone who clearly hates what I do as a viewer? Um help me out here, am I missing something?

I like think I am a kind person who is supportive and understanding of views even if they don't agree with my own. I have never written a negative comment on YouTube and I don't intend to as it is frankly, a little pointless and spiteful to those who have tried to make something interesting and not for personal gain. I want the make up community on YouTube to continue - it has been a place where I have learned so much and met and made some amazing friends so imagine if it was taken away because a few people can't control their urge to say something mean!

End of vent! I have now moved on again.


Hello XXX,

I found your comment rude and so it was removed and you have been blocked - it is my standard practice as I receive a lot of racist comments which should not be tolerated. Your comment was not racist I appreciate but I will explain to you below:

It's easy to criticise but what you fail to appreciate is that people who make videos are under pressure to make stunning looks in a few minutes. When I do professional level jobs, it takes nearly two hours to do one model, which is mainly blending!

Your comment is damaging to my professional reputation which I can not have on my channel. Since you don't see what you did as wrong I had to take steps to prevent you from continuing to damage my reputation with tactless comments on my videos, I don't have time to police them all.

I apologise to you if you are upset in any way by this and I will happily unblock if you are more selective in your criticism in the future.

Best wishes

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 9:24 AM, XXX wrote:
Hey Jasmine,

I logged onto youtube and have found out that you blocked me! Can you please explain why you did that? All I can remember doing is writing a comment where I said I'm not a huge fan of the looks you create (which is true. I think they are quite boring and not all that great. You don't blend very well. But i've pretty much kept this to myself) but that I watch your videos because i like your voice and you have now blocked me.

I think it's a really really ridiculous. You make think that your at a point where you can block people for making the most minor comments so be it. I'll just have to be sure to let everyone I know what your attitude is now like. I posted quite positive things on one Australia's biggest forum but I think i'm now going to have to tell them all know how petty you can be

Have a nice life and you can be sure that my friends, family and I will no longer be watching your videos anymore.


  1. I can tell the block was well deserved just by their email. Makes no sense to keep saying negative things then complain when they are blocked.

    I've also never made a horrible comment on blogs or youtube and I can't understand why people do. If I didn't like something I'd just move on, not go out of my way to post negative stuff which may hurt someones feelings after they put alot of effort intho their things.

    Good on you and shame on them. xXx

  2. I know exactly what type of comments you mean. I just ignore them since I don't have the professional issue to worry about.

    The ones that p*** me off are the "no offense but (insert bitchy comment)". I have to stop myself from replying that saying "no offense, but...." doesn't stop them being an offensive bitchy whatever.

    Fortunately we're at the age (oh dear) where we left high school cattiness behind years ago, I feel sorry for the younger girls who are getting the comments who haven't had the experience they need to grow into their self esteem yet.

    Hmm, tangent, what's that then?

  3. I agree with Becky - I think I'm too old to care about any negativity on YT but I compltely see why you wouldn't want your reputation as a pro MUA to be damaged by idiots who think manners are optional on the internet!

    I think your email is polite and tactful - which the one you recieved is not!


  4. Agree with the above. If I wanted to offer some constructive criticism to someone, I'd send them a private message not post a public comment.

    *sigh* some people, eh?!!


  5. Goodness me, what a horrible thing for them to have said! It honestly frustrates me so much when people are like that, there is no need and her comments simply demonstrate that she doesn't deserve to watch your videos anyway. There is NO way you are boring, you are without a doubt one of my all time favourites, since day 1! I think you dealt with that very well! xxx

  6. I do not understand people sometimes. Why they say nasty things and think that it is OK! It was good that you blocked this person. It will teach him/her a lesson on how to keep their nasty opinions about others to themselves.

    I enjoy your videos and you have my support always. God bless! UmaPreve

  7. Do you get a lot of racist comments on your videos? That is absolutely shocking if so. I agree with the others, I think there is an age where you're just like, ah, whatever and can rise above it but below whatever that age is the comments will hurt and are completely unnecessary. We all must come across blogs and videos which we don't like but just cross it off! For Christs sake, why the need to leave offensive messages - and then question why they have been blocked!!!


  8. Oh for goodness sake. I think people get a buzz out of trying to cause a scene, it's so stupid. You're right to block people like that.
    Your email response was perfect. :) xo

  9. Hey Jasmine,
    I am sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience.
    I really enjoy your videos alot and I have learnt alot from them. I have also shared this with my friends.
    I hope u wont be too disillusioned by this person and will continue to make ur awesome videos.
    You will always encounter people like this in life. I think the decision you took to block her was your perogative and you dont need to justify your decision to her or anyone else.

  10. You were more courteous than I would have been. You owe that girl no explanation bird. I'd have named and shamed, after all she is threatening to continuing bad mouthing you on a forum unless you unblock her. Thats tantamount to blackmail.

  11. I second dressjunkie's comment. The whole 'mess with me and this is what happens' attitude of the girl betrays a petty and quite frankly vicious attitude on her part.

    It's very childish of her and it's a shame you have to deal with such people.

    Looking forward to your next video :)

  12. Don't get affected by this kind of nasty people! I don't understand why they do that. If you don't like something, you don't watch it but you don't have to destroy them with horrible comments! We all like what you do so don't lose your motivation! Have a nice week end! xxxx

  13. This girl seems very silly and pathetic, and I def agree you did the right thing blocking her - I can see from your POV as a professional MUA, that this is incredibly annoying - especially when the comments she made have little basis in reality - I really wouldn't worry about her "threats", she seems like the kind of person who'll trip herself up on a forum anyway!

  14. Ahh, apparently she missed the lesson on "if you can't say something nice..." Anyway, I'm sorry you've had to put up with this situation, and others' negativity! Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next video/post! :D

  15. Jasmine, your videos are brilliant, perfect for everyday wear. Most people want a look that will only take a few minutes to get and you give it to them.

    It is your channel and your prerogative to block whomever you choose. Ignore that negitive-nelly, it sounds to me like it is plain and simple jealousy.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Thank you all for your supportive comments! This is the email I received from her today, I think this has resolved itself nicely. I hope.


    I'm sorry to hear that you have been receiving racist comments. You're right, no one should have to tolerate that. The increase in the amount of racist comments being left on non-white makeup gurus pages is very disturbing. I live in Australia and i've started to notice a rise in racism directed towards non-white immigrants and it absolutely horrifies me. All races are beautiful and in my opinion equal. In particular I'm a huge fan out the indian culture which has been around for thousands of years and has made a huge impact on the modern world. Lets be honest with ourselves, indians are among the smartest people in the world so you really should hold your head up high. In Australia i've noticed that most of the racism comes from the lower end. I.E white Australians that choose not work and would rather stay on the dole but feel resentment towards immigrants that work their guts out to create a better life for themselves and their kids. Anyway enough of that.

    I'm sorry for being rude. It's up to you whether you unblock me or not, but I can say that if you did unblock me I will be careful with what comments I write. I didn't think about the impact it would have on your career. I didn't even think before writing that comment which I realise now is very careless.

    Anyway thanks for taking the time out to reply to me.

  17. Hi Jasmine!

    I'm looking at your videos from France and I first want to apologize for my English! I have to improve it and your videos help me to.

    I can't understand people take time to write such bad comments. If she really doesn't like your job she just has to look at something else and she doesn't need to be so mean...

    I do love your videos and they help me very much because I'm not very easy with make up and following your advices I'm doing better. I'm also a big fan of facial massage and cruelty free products.

    I'm keeping on looking at you on your videos and reading your blog.
    Thank you for the time you spend making your videos. I wish you the best.

  18. If people don't like a blog or video why watch or read it, but then leave rude comments. I think you are a wonderful Makeup Artist and not everyone wants bright or drag looking makeup. Jasmine you have done some gorgeous looks that anyone can wear and not feel overdone or draggish. I love your tutorials and agree with blocking people who are rude. You inspire me to be a MUA. <3

  19. Hiya Jasmine!

    Your just to nice Jasmine! Some people just have nothing better to do with their time than to leave nasty comments..sad but true. I follow you on Youtube and here and absolutely love all your videos! I am sure that everyone who follows you wont be affected by such ludicrous and meaningless comments.

    Obviously it's someone who wants you to feel the sting of their comment so it effects you to the point of wanting to stop doing videos(utter jealousy) and probably they are a competitor under an alias name(that happens a lot. You have definitely done the right thing by blocking them! It just doesn't make sense why someone would follow you if they dislike your video's.

    People can be so mean...but like the saying goes "what comes around goes around" Karma hits and hits very badly so they better watch out.

    I just want to say that i am glad you used this medium to let others know of your experience, so they too will know how to handle it. I saw some nasty comments on another persons youtube video's, and noticed she stopped doing video's for a long time after that. It's very brave of you to come forth and take action! Kudos to You!

    And lastly i would like to say a big "THANK YOU" for all your precious time you spend making the video's... that too after having just got married! Look forward to seeing many more new looks in the coming years!

    Love Ya, Sandy from Canada xx

  20. I think your email was extremely polite. The person didn't deserve the time of day but I understand you wanting to protect your professional reputation. I block people all the time and fortunately none have tried to contact me asking why. I think that person deserved to be blocked simply by the tone of their email and threatening to try and tarnish your reputation on the forum they mention. I think anyone who watches your videos can tell what kind of personality you have. Also if that person doesn't like your looks then why are they wasting time watching them. If its a voice they want to listen to they should go elsewhere.
    I think you handled the situation with grace and hopefully that person will disappear.

  21. Wow, HOW RUDE!

    I watch your videos all the time and I love them, I can't believe the cheek of some people. If you don't like it then don't watch? The fact that she takes so long to actually watch your videos, think you can't blend properly and then takes more time to make rude comments just shows how empty her life must be.

    I love how she thinks you should be in her debt because she watched your videos. For the record, I think your blending is great and your blending is amazing. I can't believe she'd watch your videos and tell you you're rubbish, I would love to see her do better.

    Don't let it effect/affect? you too much, there are lots of us out there who are in your debt for the looks you do and the time you take to educate us. As for her being racist, I see it as ignorance more than anything.

    I apologise for this comment being more like an essay but I think you should know how greatful some of us for you taking time to upload videos to youtube and to your blog


  22. I can understand you feel bad about the girl, because when you do something good and then get criticized, it is just soo bad, I mean if you do something bad then you deserve it and you know it, but if you are trying to be helpful towards others and maybe you even had a bad day then it just really stabs you...

    Btw, it is sooo childish that she writes she will spread bad things about you...people in kindergarden do that...

    Just forget it. Cherish the ones who respect you and your work, and block 'em like Hell if they mess with ya:D:D:D

  23. Hi Jasmine,

    Just wanted to say that I thought your response was very classy.

    I love your videos and wish that I had your confidence!

    Take care!


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