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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Baby it's Warm outside

Coastal Scents have done it again, my mind just boggles at how they produce such palettes. The latest is the 88 Warm Palette.
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I face an all too familiar dichotomy with the coastal scents palettes, I put this down to my personality. I both like and dislike having that much choice, does that make sense? Do you look at large palettes and feel a sense of panic about having to use them but also a sense of relief that you don't have to mix and match colours on the fly?
As per usual with the palettes and hot pots, there is a massive choice of colours, textures and finishes (matte or shimmer) in small 1cm diameter pans. The eye shadows are well pigmented although the lighter colours are powdery but work well with a primer or base over the eyelid.
Here are four of my favourites, they don't have names so I've named them! Plummy, Stormcloud, Nectarine, 24 Carat. I can see myself using these all year round.
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For more info go to the Coastal Scents Website


  1. I'm with yout here its great having a choice but it means it harder to plan looks as you have so many more options

  2. Wow! Looks pretty :-) Though I think my mind would boggle at having so much choice... I have way too much to choose from as it is!

  3. I think it's great to have a couple of palettes but when you have too much choice not only is it too much to choose from but you forget what you have to begin with.



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