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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Melt Proofing your Make Up for Summer!

Here's my latest YouTube make up tutorial, using e.l.f products to create a melt proof look. You can see it below:

The products I used in this look and the reasons I chose them:

All Over Cover Stick in Medium - is a thick concealer type product which means that it will be on the oilier side and more suitable for drier skins if used thickly. I used it as a well dispersed thin layer using a foundation brush to get it where I wanted it most, around the nose and on the cheeks and chin.

Shimmering Facial Whip in Citrus - this is a gorgeously understated tone, a hint of pink coral which just adds a little shimmer and tone to the cheeks, without adding any flush which you don't need if it's going to be hot!

Tone 1 Clarifying Pressed Powder - this is the secret of immovable make up, set everything by gently pressing in a small amount at a time with a powder puff - this keeps it looking natural and not too powdery.

Duo Cream Eye Shadow in Blueberry - crease resistant and a fabulous base for eye shadows or on its own for a bit of shimmer and definition around the eyes. To work it must be set with powder.

Regular and Waterproof Double Ended Mascara in Black - waterproof is your friend!

Lip Pencil in Bark and Moisture Care Lip Colour in Bark - these two are fast becoming my go to lip combination for an everyday subtle hint of colour that just adds a healthy look to the lips.

There was a comment of disbelief that it would crease in ten minutes!

Well I beg to differ!

I put it on at 6pm and went out to see a band at the theatre (Out of the Blue, an all male acapella group - so talented!), which was packed, very hot and the show was three hours long! I then went to a bar and didn't get home until midnight. I recorded myself which is why the background is different and the lighting a bit weird. So that was 6 hours later and I think I put it through its paces with a hot and humid evening! It was not smeared and throughout the evening all I needed to do was to touch up the lip colour.

So the secret to melt proof make up is to keep products to where they are needed rather than all over and keep it simple. Don't forget to set the entire face with a fine powder and be sure to press it in to keep it looking undetectable.

What are your "go to" products that you depend on?

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  1. Since my skin tone is like yours, I would like to purchase the all over cover stick. but their website does not feature a medium shade. Can u let me know which one it is you are using?? cheers. K


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