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Friday, 5 June 2009

Hello Lily Lolo!

Since my skin flared up a few weeks ago, I have been getting in to mineral make up, I already use barefaced beauty and elf but wanted to try Lily Lolo.  My Australian friend absolutely raves about it and swears by it as she has had skin episodes in the past. 

I received my little order and it was so cutely presented in a white ribbon tied box.
Presentation Box by you.
And here are the contents:

Presentation box (no flash) by you.

This was photographed without a flash and in natural sunlight to show how the colours are pigmented.

The large jar is the Mineral Finishing Powder in Flawless Silk (£12 for a 4.5g jar or 99p for a sample). It is so light that it barely feels like I am wearing anything, I try to use a setting powder with my foundation as it makes the make up last all day.  

Also the "Super Kabuki" is synthetic and very dense - probably the most dense one I have which is great for picking up plenty of product and distributing it evenly, rather than a huge splotch on the first dab!  It's about 7cm long and has bristles that are 4cm long, it was £14.

So now on to the individual products!
Mineral Eye Shadows in Pink Champagne and Pixie Sparkle (dry/wet) by you.

These eye shadows are Pink Champagne (light pink) and Pixie Sparkle (kingfisher blue) swatched.  The left is dry and the right is wet.  Both are silky light, smooth and very pigmented. I also found that there was little fallout when using them dry.  Both are £5 for a 2g jar, no samples available)

Sweet Cheeks Blush by you.Sweet Cheeks thin layer by you.
Sweet Cheeks Blush is a very fine peachy gold blush, gorgeous on its own or over another blush or as a highlight (£7 for a 3g jar or 49p for a 1/4 teaspoon sample).  It was impossible to swatch and photograph as it is so sheer but in the flesh it gives an ethereal glow that I really like.  But I was slightly dismayed that it is going to be discontinued, so get it while you can!

Ooh La La Mineral Blusher by you.
Ooh La La thin layer by you.

When I first looked at the Ooh La La Blush in the pot (£7 for a 3g jar or 49p for a 1/4 teaspoon sample), I thought it was far too red for me, but it is again very sheer and the intensity of colour is easy to build up.  Again silky and smooth feeling on the skin, it really does not feel like I am wearing anything.  My love for minerals is growing I can feel it!

I think Lily Lolo are intending to bring out mineral lipsticks, I certainly hope so because I love all of the elf mineral ones (I have all 18 shades!).  I think there is also talk of eye and lip pencils too! Next time I might check out the Lipglosses which look lovely!  

I got my Lily Lolo from their website

I used some of the products in the video below.


  1. Your so talented, i've been looking at these products for a while, but not sure what colours to go for so haven't gotten round to it yet! x

  2. I ordered some foundation samples a few months ago but have not got around to ordering the full size versions. I should really do it soon as I like mineral foundation but have not been wearing it recently as my Bare Minerals breaks me out with awful cystic type breakouts.

  3. Lovely colours hun - I really like that kingfisher colour... Oh, and I have tagged you too!

  4. Just when I thought I could put my purse away.....I'm liking the look of that blush :o)

  5. how cute id the packaging?! I'm not a huge fan of mineral foundations but those eye shadows look really nice :)


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