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Friday, 3 July 2009

What one does with more time? Cosmetics from BN2B2BB!

B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful - from the makers of LUSH cosmetics! Vegan, cruelty free and fair trade cosmetics!

*Spoiler alert* If you are one of my bridesmaids, then DO NOT read this post!!

When I went to London last for the Barry M blogger event, I went to the Oxford Street branch of B Never to Busy to be Beautiful or BN2B2BB for short! I picked up about £100 worth of goodies for my bridesmaids gifts hence the spoiler alert.

Although I got a few nice things (below) for myself too...

From left to right
Five eye shadows in this gilded presentation box - absolutely gorgeous colours and consistency is on the powdery side but are highly pigmented and soft.
Boudoir Lipstick, not that I need ANOTHER red lipstick but it's a lovely shade and reminds me of Barry M Lip paints in consistency and staying power.
Be Dazzled, Bullet and Boosh cream eyeshadows - mmm very nice colours and consistency, they need to be set with translucent powder or eye shadow to make them resist creasing.

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Mint Julips Sugar Lip Scrub, smells great and works too, it leaves your lips kissable soft and flake free. Don't be too enthusiastic with it though of you'll end up with swollen (no problems there) but stinging lips! The container also leaked!

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Eye Kohl in perplexing choice of container, I really can't get to grips with this container, it's fiddly and not that portable either. The kohl is wonderfully smooth and makes for a wicked smudgy smoky eye but just too much hassle getting it out of it's weird little pot (which is made of thin wood, so sustainable yay, but annoying and not waterproof, doh!)

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Half Lashes, cute and sweet little darlings, they are a contender for my wedding!

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Loose Pigment Pots, again a not very practical choice of container, some of it had come out of the pot and it's messy to use. I loved the pigments themselves but they are not portable and you end up with product all over the place and your fingers! The pots look beautiful on the dresser though...

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For the tutorial using the Bombshell Palette


  1. We all went in that day too :)
    I love the ethos and their slogan, so much so I ending up buying one of their usable fabric bags with it emblazoned on the side.
    It is pricey though IMO and although the little jewelled pots and containers are really sweet, they are mostly impractical xxx

  2. You're a bride to be too! :) When is the big day? I hope you will share with us how you will do your makeup! :)
    Love your blog!

  3. I have the sugar scrub too! It's so good and smells like after eight dinner mints :)

  4. It's expensive as I felt I didn't get much for my money but on the other hand it was worth it for me to be able to give vegan and cruelty free make up as gifts I think. I love the sugar scrub - I end up eating most of it though lol!


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