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Friday, 31 July 2009

Lumiere Cosmetics Light Up My Life!

I was sent some of Lumiere's samples the other day, I thought they looked ok but nothing special.

Firstly the packaging, as I've said - it's the thing that attracts us in the sea of products vying for our attention in the aisles! As they were samples I can't really give much feedback as they were all small plastic jars!

Eye pigments, my favourite is the Hypnotic pigment, it's hard to describe and the picture doesn't do the depth and dimension of colour enough justice.

Blusher - I should have gone for the more red tone Bordeaux colour, as the pinkish one that I went for in Rose was too light for my skin. It is hard to know on the internet how they are really going to turn out but it's a nice colour that I will use, but it doesn't go with some of my other looks.

Foundation - I was sent about six samples and a full sized jar, I used these to mix a perfect shade as none of them really matched.

Primer - this is what feels like a silicone based gel, so probably not suitable for oilier skins. It is really good for me as I am starting to get a few wrinkles around my nose and eyes as it fills these in and is flexible and soft. I really liked it. I did try the GOSH foundation primer but it didn't work very well for me so I was sceptical about it, but this is not as greasy.

Lip Gloss, now I say this as a seasoned make up junkie - this is the BEST lip gloss I have ever tried. It is light, moisturising, not glittery and not sticky. The colours I tried were "in the nude" and "spice". I use spice over the entire lip and then in then to emphasise the pout, a bit of in the nude on the fuller parts of the lip. Wow is all I can say, I want more!

3D eye - this is also a good product for brightening up the eye area without having to use a heavy and dry primer product or a foundation. Use this powder over a slick of primer and it's lovely. It's light yellow colour so really good for neutralising brownish tints on the skin - such as dark circles!

Brushes - I gave away my MAC 188 brush as I wasn't that enamoured with it being made of goat hair. So wanted another duo fibre brush to replace it. Also a fan brush which is my favourite brush for blusher these days!

I really want to try the prismatic eye pigments and the colour correcting minerals as they look fantastic. I am excited about this range, the website is a bit difficult to navigate as everything is grouped according to colour which is ok if that's how you like to browse but I just want to browse the whole rainbow at once. It's also not a flashy website either so don't let that put you off as the products are amazing.

Here's a Tutorial using some of their products!

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  1. I'm waiting for my samples to be delivered too...they really caught my eyes, especially because they have an ingredients section for every products on the site.
    So far, I've seen that only there and in the Rimmel London's's a very good thing, as if people who are allergic to some components have the opportunity to know whether they can buy the products or not...


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