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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Face Atelier Façade in Livid

Façade is a lip and cheek colour product, I received an email newsletter from and I was drawn to it immediately (credit card at the ready it was purchased that same day). I have two similar products by Varama in pink and peach but not one in a cherry red which is perfect for Indian skin tones. The handy lipgloss type tube is very portable so good for the handbag too.

Livid is in the middle of the colour spectrum of the five shades currently available (light peach to deep plum). If you've used a silicone based primer or foundation you'll know the silky blendable but light formula I'm talking about. I prefer it to a cream blush as it isn't oily or pore clogging. I also prefer it to a gel which tends to cling to any dry bits on my cheeks in that familiar bloom pattern. It's much easier to control and blend than a powder blush. Less is definitely more with this product so work quickly with very small amounts to build up colour intensity. Use a damp brush or sponge if you apply too much to blend away and remove excess.

As a longevity test, I've used Façade all day. I'm very pleased with the results. There is some fading but much less than a cream or powder. Most of the fading is due to me touching my skin but I didn't need to touch it up all day. It's also very effective in humid conditions (steamy club or holiday) It's a great cheek product.

I do like it used on the lips but it doesn't last as well as a lipstick, it's too dry because it isn't waxy . So I suggest using it with a touch of balm over the top. There is nothing as satisfying as getting an exact match between lip and cheek colour so it is worth pursuing (these small things make me happy).

You can find Façade lip and cheek colour from Cocobeau at £22.50 per tube. It seems like a lot however a small dot blended over the cheekbones and lips is all that is needed for long lasting lip or cheek colour. It's going to last me a very long time.


  1. Becca Beach Tint is a similar product (and much easier to get in Australia) - that strange dry/slippery silicone feel is very strange, isn't it? I love the Beach Tint and have it in 3 colours. I'll be looking to pick up some of the Face Atelier version while I'm in the UK so I can compare.

  2. Hi!
    I watched your video on threading and decided to try it out.
    I was just wondering if there is any "preparations" before the actual threading?

  3. thanks for sharing - will look out for it x

  4. @Ella Clean, oil free skin helps - so I generally wash my face before threading. Then apply aloe vera gel afterwards.

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