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Monday, 25 July 2011

Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Face Oil

Not even the books I have read about pregnancy prepared me for the changes to my skin. The books tell you to expect either oilier or drier skin as the levels of hormones change. In my case, my skin became as dry as the Sahara and scaly across the cheeks with rosacea. So to add to feeling sick and tired, I was also looking in the mirror feeling sorry for myself and wanting to hide under a balaclava.

I have tried many of my tried and tested products (several face oils and rich moisturisers to no effect). To my rescue came Aromatherapy Associates who sent me their new Nourishing Face Oil. Containing sandalwood (one of my all time favourite scents), rose, peach, jojoba oil and evening primrose oil, I slathered and massaged this over my face in an attempt to bring moisture to my parched and sore skin. It made my skin tingle slightly which was probably the rose oil boosting my circulation, it soon subsided as the oils soaked in and left me with a rosy glow.

After about 30 minutes the short term effects of softening dry skin and soothing sore bits were apparent. If it still feels oily at this point and you need to apply make up or go out then lightly dab with a thin single ply of tissue to remove the excess.

The next day my skin was less dry but I continued to use it for a few days until my skin began to rebalance itself. Then I used it just at night and halved the amount.

You can add this to your current skin routine, in between your serum (if you use one) and moisturiser. Alternatively, you can use this as your moisturiser and facial massage oil. Whether you use this daily or just if your skin suffers an episode, it smells incredible. I was very chilled out after my first use!

A 15ml bottle will probably last months and you can buy it from lots of stockists such as Space NK or their website for £37.

Do you have any must have skin products that have resurrected your skin in times of need?


  1. I just cant get on with oils on my face, I end up looking very shiny. I'm just totally in love with Liz Earle's products. I just couldnt be without my cleanse and polish, toner and moisteriser its been a god send for me and has made a huge difference to my skin. I've noticed a big difference in the frequency of nasty breakouts and my skin just feels better.

  2. Ive only tried Neals Yard Remedies orange oil and I really like it in the winter. Its also less pricier than AA.

  3. Hiya Jasmine. I know you have mentioned it before, but I would like to know more about your Thyroid disease (I'm sorry if I have missed a blog post that talked about it). I have recently started losing my hair and my skin has gone all wacky. I've always had really dry skin all over my body (which is why I posted this question here), dry hair, brittle flakey nails trouble losing weight, constant fatigue... Every time I get tested for Hypothyroidism my numbers come back normal, but all the physical symptoms are there and it is completely frustrating. You obviously don't have to answer this question, as I know it's really personal, but I was wondering what your experience with it has been so far and how you have dealt with the affects.


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