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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Some exciting swaps from Malaysia!

I recently swapped a few goodies with a new friend in Malaysia. I had no idea about the brands and products available so she kindly sent me a personal selection of lovely items. All of which are wonderful, but I thought I'd show you the two I got quite excited to try!

There are probably lots of dual ended lip products on the market but this one by SimplySiti is pretty good if you're on the go and just want to grab a reliable product! The lipstick is soft and pigmented and smells fresh (3.5g). The lip gloss is shiny and not too thick or sticky (5ml). In terms of size, the tube is about the length of a full size lip gloss and a bit thicker. I would say that the product sizes were roughly two thirds full sized products, still pretty generous though. The colour is called Cocoa Delight and is a perfect day combo. I would wear a light layer of the lipstick and gloss for day time and then amplify the lipstick with a few more layers and lots more gloss. It is a perfect handbag staple as is feels sturdy and easy to find! It is light feeling and moisturising, the colour is fairly neutral to my lips so it's a nice easy colour to wear every day.

The next exciting item is a Canmake eye brow liquid. This is essentially a liquid felt tipped pen. I was sceptical at first as applying it seemed to be too easy! But it works really well if your eye brows are really having a bad and desperately in need of threading day. There is no need to set with a powder as it dries very quickly. I use it as if I were drawing in individual hairs rather than like a pencil where you normally just draw an eyebrow shape. I don't think I'll be reaching for it every day but certainly something I'd use in between threadings!

Do you have any make up from Asia that you like and can recommend ?


  1. My favourite kajal pencil is the Lakme kajal pencil from India. it's only about 20rupees (so literally about 30p) and lasts forever. Its basically like the benefit bad gal pencil in useage I've found!

  2. Thsi is very sweet of your friend! Sadly, I haven't had the opportunity to get products from Hongkong, Japan, Malaysia or Korea. All the blogworld raves about the pricey Jill Stuart Comsetics from Japan but to be honest, I'd love to test Lakme items. I've seen some products in an Indian glossy mag about the Bollywood stars and yes, I'm very interested now. :-)


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