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Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Man's Eye View

I asked my brother to review some products for me as they weren't suitable for my skin type. It's a common caveat when I give away products I don't use, so he's used to it!
I gave my brother two products to try. He has quite sensitive skin so I was concerned that something as powerful as the Vitamin C Facial Scrub by the Body Shop and Moisturiser might upset his skin. Men on the whole have oilier skin than women. Combined with beards/shaving can make the skin prone to blackheads and ingrown hairs. A facial scrub is a perfect treatment for keeping them at bay. Every man needs a moisturiser, shaving is very drying for the skin and my brother is a cyclist so often being out in the elements dries out the skin too.

My brother is in his 30s and ladies he's a bit of a catch! He never used to use skin products but I recently have introduced him to some man friendly items that won't break the bank or make him feel foolish if one falls out of his bag at the gym! So I have taken his feedback and worked it in to a form of review! I guess it's harder for a man to talk about cosmetics in the same sort of depth as women like me seem very able to do.

I asked my bro what his expectations of the products were, he said that he hoped they would not bring him out in a rash or spots after using them. Also that the moisturiser wouldn't leave his face shiny. He also said that he compared it to Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub which he has used before, he didn't say whether he liked it or not and I haven't tried it so can't say! He felt that the products delivered what they promised which was a good scrub and a light moisturiser.
I also asked him why he thought the products worked for him, he said that the Vitamin C scrub had fine particles, it was not over perfumed and left no residue. It didn't sting or bring him out in spots. The Vitamin C moisturiser was light, pleasantly textured and had a nice smell. It was easily absorbed and didn't leave him shiny.

My brother felt that both products used as he used them, his regime was once daily for the moisturiser and every other day for the scrub, both products would last about 6 weeks for relatively small tubes. He would definitely repurchase (and has asked if I have any more from the line!), the product offers value for money (at £10 each), he would buy more from the range and would recommend it to others. All high praise indeed, it's so nice when a product I recommend turns out to be something special!
I asked him to rate the products out of five stars, he gave them a generous four stars, always room for improvement eh?
So thanks Bro for that great review.


  1. I simply love this range. It is one of the best treatments I've ever used.

    I've published a post about this range on my blog

    And I also did a review on the 10 day powder mix

    It's just a miracle product!! Love it!

  2. I've recently tried to introduce my boyfriend to men skin products, but unfortunatle I've haven't the success you have with your brother!
    But these products seem really good, I'll try again :)

  3. Those are great products!

  4. I absolutely love this range. My skin is dry and very sensitive and other products with Vitamin C use to bring me out in a rash. The scrub in a wonder!
    Thanks to your brother to help. No way to convince my husband to apply a moisturizer!

  5. why do you say it's unsuitable for your skintype? i thought vitamin c went with everyone's skin. thanks!

  6. Great post, I'm always trying to convince my boyfriend that men can actually use skin care products as well haha!

    Jenn xx

  7. @Ally E, I have dry/combination skin so I need something richer and I don't use abrasive face scrubs as I use a muslin cloth every day.


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