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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mineral Foundation Tutorial

Getting the right finish using a mineral used to elude me until I started to use Boosters and Veils. I scoffed at these at first, thinking it was all just gumpf and nonsense. I preferred to use a normal pressed powder or silica powder.

I then received the new tinted mineral booster from e.l.f. One of the many parts of my work is to get all new items to familiarise myself with :)

I dutifully used it over a mineral foundation, grabbed my stuff and left the house. I was very impressed with the results. My skin did look smoother and there were no "blooms" or cling-ons - you know when you get product clinging on to dry bits you didn't even know you had... So I advise people who have issues with cling and dry bits to try a booster, there are three shades - shimmer (which is more of a pearl), tinted (suitable for more tanned, olive, asian and african-carribbean skin tones) and sheer which is suitable for caucasian skin tones. I use the shimmer as a highlight for day wear as it is very subtle and tinted around the nose and forehead where I need the smoothing as I have some open pores. For £3.50, I will buy these for friends and family with dry skin to use over foundation or alone to even out skin tone.


  1. Sorry scrap that comment! For some reason the pc didn't show the video so I thought it was a text only post. Apologies!

  2. hi i hav always watched ur videos on youtube and love'em. am a follower now. if u get the time do drop by and become a follower. thanks. keep up the good work

  3. Great tutorial..thanks :)


  4. No worries Glitterish Allsorts, they are impossible to swatch anyway so a video was best! x


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