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Friday, 9 July 2010

Nail Maths. 1+1 = 3 nail looks!

e.l.f Smoky Brown

OPI Going On Green
Don't mind the tip wear, this is day four of two coats of Smoky Brown (without a top coat too). This colour also works really well with OPI Rosy Future (irridescent blue/pink). Leighton Denny Butterfly Wings (irridescent white/purple) and anything which is a hint of colour and shimmery!
I am affiliated with e.l.f Cosmetics so it was sent free for my review.


  1. I got Smoky Brown in the post a few days ago, I love the colour :)

  2. Looks gorgeous! I love elf! :)


  3. I've got smoky brown on my toenails right now, it's lovely.

  4. I love those colors! thnks for the addition to my nailpolish box :P

  5. Good looking!! Nails math, its really looking nice...

    Clear Nails

  6. love both colors, its fun playing it up w/a variety of colors! come follow me xoxo

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Jasmine, I love your videos & those 2 polishes look fabulous together!

    Btw, I just wanted to let you know how to center your blog's background image, if you want.

    Once in the Blogger dashboard, click the design link for your blog, then at the top click Edit HTML.

    Once your in the html, enter control F (command F for Mac) & do a search for the following code:

    body {
    background:url( no-repeat;

    Add the following code:
    background-position: center top;

    The finished code should look like this:
    body {
    background:url( no-repeat; background-position: center top;

    Now your background will be centered, hope this helps! :)

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  10. Hi Jssmine i'm not copying you but i've got a similar post to do soon covering 3 Opi polishes..I may refer people to this post for another example if thats okay?


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