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Friday, 2 July 2010

Look of the Day - Metallic Aqua + BlogTV Roundup

Last night on BlogTV was really good fun, as ever I talked a lot and there were some weirdies who decided to invade and make us cringe. However Sirvinya did an excellent job manning the doors and booting out those undesirables. The discussion raged (mainly by me jabbermouth) about which type of foundations suit which skin types. As many of you missed the broadcast due to time differences, I'm going to try and summarise it below!
Skin types are determined by how much oil your glands produce. Overactive = oily and Underactive = dry.
You can tell if your skin is combination if your skin feels shiny in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) at around lunch time.
Sometimes there is nothing you can do about your skin type and it does change as we get older (normally getting drier and more sensitive). Sometimes it is affected by certain medications and hormones too.
There are things you can try if your skin has changed and you're not sure why.
Are the cosmetics you're using too strong for your skin? Try to break the cycle of oil production and sensitivity by using gentle but deep cleansing products. Always use a toner that is not alcohol based. Use moisturiser which is light and has an SPF of at least 15.
Are you touching your face a lot and do you use clean brushes/tools on your face? Dirty brushes, towels, pillowcases and hands are the biggest cause of blemishes... don't chuck your make up or face products until you look carefully at this area.
For dry skin, are you drinking enough water, eating all the essential fatty acids you need in your diet? Are you over cleansing or not using a rich enough moisturiser?
For combination skin, you can combine what you need from the above, so if you have dry cheeks then use a richer moisturiser, but avoid it on the T-zone.
For sensitive skin, avoid very strong products and make sure your skin is well protected from the environment using a sunblock and moisturiser which doesn't affect the skin's pH balance.
Make up for skin types
Tinted moisturisers - great for dry skin, not much coverage, so use a concealer where needed.
Liquids - all rounder but can cling to dry patches. If oily then look for oil free or mineral infused products.
Cream to Powders - High coverage, moisturise well before applying if dry. Great for oily skins, look for oil free formulations. Can feel heavy, so use lightly.
Minerals + Powders - great for oily skins as they mop up oil but don't clog pores.
Stick - only for those requiring camouflage level cover or photography. Not easy to blend, very drying and heavy. I use these as concealers sometimes.
Airbrush - if airbrush was cheap then our foundation worries would be over. Definitely need a primer to hold the product on as it is easy to remove just through touching the face.
Primers are only necessary if your skin is oily or you need extra long wear (12 hours or more).
And on to the look I wore on Wednesday!

It was great to see everyone who came and I hope to do it again in the future on a different topic!


  1. Great advice, I have a very oily T zone (yuck!) and love mineral makeup to keep slicks at bay! That aqua eyeliner is gorgeous, where is it from?
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  2. Jasmine,

    Is there a You tube video available for this Metallic Aqua eye make up of yours? I have a MAC aqua eye shadow powder - can I use that in some way to create this same effect? How many other shades have you put in order to do the base?

    Your eyes always look mesmerizing but for this one I'd have to say.... I can't take my eyes off you!!! :0)


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