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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A few holiday pictures and a holiday must have!

I went to South West Cornwall on holiday for 10 glorious days! Here's a few pictures!

My husband and I are water sports enthusiasts so we hired a kayak for the day and explored the coastline around Falmouth.
The view from our barn at sunset
Me in a wetsuit and life jacket. Covered in salt and SPF cream!
One rainy day, so we went to the Eden project. So did everyone else it appears!
St Ives Beach, beautiful clear waters and soft light sandy beaches.

If there is one product I am very glad I brought along it's my shimmering facial whip in Golden Peach - I used it all the time on the eyes as a subtle shimmer, cheeks as a blush and on the lips over a lip stain.


  1. Loks beautiful! I went to the north of Cornwall many, many years ago. It's a lovely part of the country.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Landscapes of Cornwall look like our Britany.

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  4. OH FUN! You look so pretty in your wetsuit how do you do it!!! xxx

  5. I love the Elf shimmering whip! I have all the shades haha! But I don't feel bad at 1.50 a pop!
    I love your videos and blog! Your so honest!
    follow me too if you like :)

  6. I love the sunset picture! I didn't know you could use the shimmering whip as a lipstain. I just found a store here in New Zealand that sells a limited amount of ELF products, i'm definitely going to try this shimmering whip! By the way i really like your hamster application! It's really cute!


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