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Monday, 30 March 2009

Sip Your Way to Younger Radiant Skin?

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I was thirsty so I tried this new flavoured water, sip - the original skin drink. It's £1.29 per 500ml bottle and is currently available from Waitrose and larger Sainsbury's supermarkets. There are several flavours but I liked the elderflower best.

From the label: every sip contains:
- vitamin c
- botanical extracts of rose petal, sweet violet, scottish heather blossom tops, marigold and linden blossom
- white tea tincture
- selenium

It all sounds fabulous doesn't it? I liked it because of the obvious poshness of the ingredients and that it wasn't boring like water but not sickly sweet like juice or juice drinks. My skin doesn't feel any different but it tasted nice and was cheaper than a bottle of Volvic at the time!

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