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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oops I did it again!

So today I had a glorious day off, the first half of was spent cleaning and tidying which made me grumpy. So after lunch I treated myself to a lovely drive in my fiance's sports car with the top down. That soon blew away all my grumpy cobwebs as I flew down country lanes at a frightening speed (don't worry guys I passed my advanced driving exam last year so it's all good).

I headed for MAC to stock up on some "essentials" and some "non-essentials" (what these are I don't know because everything make up related is essential!). I have a photo shoot on Sunday and it's going to be mental with five models needing two sets of make up throughout the day. I have full confidence in my models, photographer and hair stylist so it should be good fun. I am hoping to do a little video about it so that should give you a good idea of how it went.

I bought
MAC wipes (and forgot the remover soaked cotton buds!) which are awesome for quick and thorough removal (but they are £10... so I wouldn't use these for everyday removal just for photoshoots).

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A couple of paint pots Delft which is an amazing peacock blue and Moss Scape which is a lovely mossy green. If you've used these two then I'd be interested to know what you think, I tend to use paint pots for photography rather than every day as they are quite heavy and can make your eyelids look more creased.

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A couple of new eyeshadows, Time and Space which is a gorgeous taupe brown colour, lighter than satin taupe though. Also Magnetic fields which is darker than satin taupe.

I also bought a new Prep + Prime but this time instead of the plain one I got Illuminate which has a more pink tone and more irridescence, normal P+P has a bit of a shimmer but it's more delicate. This pink tone suits me better.

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So that's my little haul from today, I think I need to give my wallet a bit of a rest until after the photoshoot!

Ta ta for now, blog ya later!


  1. Hi Jasmine...Delft as base for Club e/s looks lovely. It brings out the teal in Club.

  2. Hi Jasmine, I've got the paint pot in peacock blue and it really pops out my dark eyes. Long lasting and amazing color. I use it just with black eyeliner and it looks very nice.


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