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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pregnancy skincare tips

This post has been asked for many times over the last few months so it is the least I can do. It seems I am not the only one who has suffered with insufferable skin over the first few months of pregnancy. Crossing fingers and toes that I have reached an agreement with my skin, I've prepared a few tips for you.

My skin became very dry so I switched to using a facial oil during the day and night (normally I just wore it at night). If your skin does the opposite and becomes oily, consider adding a toner to your routine (I don't use a toner as I don't use cream cleanser but a damp muslin cloth) which will help remove excess oil without increasing production. Also reduce the amount of moisturiser and keep it to areas which need it.

My skin also broke out a lot, but not in white heads but just painful bumps under the skin. These types of spots were generally reserved for pre-period spots. The only thing I could do to alleviate the pain was to use a cold compress to keep the swelling and itching down. I also applied copious amounts of aloe vera gel.

The other reason for naff skin was coping with stress. And it is stressful being pre-3 months pregnant and being advised not to tell everyone! So you're stuck with this wonderful news but too scared to tell anyone! I had to wait until I knew that the baby was viable and over the danger time for spontaneous abortion and that it was more likely to survive.

There is little you can do about reducing your stress levels when outside events cannot be ignored or controlled. My husband and family rallied around to help me. My sister would visit and cook healthy meals (I had been surviving on cereal and toast at this point) and to generally cheer me up. Don't go through it alone and don't be afraid to lean on people a bit, they won't mind.

Let's also not underestimate the power of morning sickness, which thankfully ebbed away at 4 and a half months. At this point I was literally on my knees, desperate for it to end. Three and a half months of feeling and looking like death was enough for me!

On the occasions I did have to venture out and socialise I have some tips for make up:

Concealer is your best friend - for those insomnia dark circles and hormone spots.

Radiance enhancers - contrary to popular belief, there is no pregnancy glow, just more redness on the cheeks to cover up. I used a foundation by Daniel Sandler which has shimmery pigments in the formulation. It makes for a subtle glow all day and evening.

Blusher is really good for warming up a sickened and wan complexion. Choose something subtle and a few shades deeper than your natural cheek blush. If you don't know what this is then pinch your cheeks to increase blood flow and note the type of colour you get.

If you're not up to wearing a lot of eye make up then a subtle sweeps of something shimmery and of the taupe variety does for all occasions. Then add mascara. I decided to make my own eye shadow from the various pigments I had lying around. Cold pressed with alcohol it resembles a shimmery cream/brown which suits everyone. I really should market it...

Avoid perfumed glosses, nothing is going to make you feel more ill. If you like menthol/minty lip glosses then these are good for staving off morning sickness (which lasts all day I might add).

I am now just over 7 months pregnant (where did the time go?) and after a few months of feeling relatively normal and forgetting half the time I was pregnant, I am definitely starting to slow down.

I hope these tips are useful to you, either to prepare you for your pregnancy or if you're in the early stages and wondering who switched your skin over whilst you were asleep!


  1. Hi Jasmine, I think what you said about not going through it alone and not to be afraid of leaning on people during pregnancy is really useful advice because many women do the exact opposite and experience pre and post natal depression as a result. Enjoy the last two months of pregnancy and then good luck with embracing the next step(s) in your life - motherhood! xxx

  2. Congratulations, I didn't know you were expecting! Lovely tips, thanks and be well.

  3. i was wondering where have you disappeared from youtube .than i finally decided to add you on facebook ,and yeaay m so happy to know you are expecting thats such a wonderful news .i wish you lots of love and lots of congratulations on what you are going to be blessed with .take lots of care :)

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