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Monday, 26 September 2011

Faux Snakeskin Nails

If you want something snazzier than greige this Autumn, I recently wore these grey snakeskin design instant manicure nail wraps. I've had them for a few months and always thought they were a bit too showy for every day wear. I am not brave enough for animal print nails for an every day look.

However, this Autumn I plucked up courage to wear them and now they have become a favourite. I feel a bit of a prude for overlooking them for so long, and a bit silly as they've received so many compliments.

The best thing I like about this design is that they just work with every outfit and occasion. I just prefer them to nail polish, which is why I haven't reviewed any nail polish for the longest time. I don't feel like wearing it and when I do it chips within a nanosecond or smudges!

So my advice this Autumn if you're not quite ready for bold colours, is to go with this sort of design, it speaks volumes in terms of style. It certainly beats the latest craze sweeping the US for using naturally shed snakes skin embedded in clear polish or gel nails.

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These nails were reviewed as a PR sample.


  1. wow! I like this one very much.. :))

  2. They are my faves, as well as the beige cheetah designs! I hear word of a glitter version soon! Squeeee! Do you feel brave enough to have a go!?

  3. i loooove it! i have a pyton mania this for this season :)


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