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Friday, 6 May 2011

Sleek MakeUP - Luminaire Highlighting Concealer

Available in five shades L01 - L05, I was sent L02 the second lightest shade to try. A click-pen type dispenser with a fibre brush tip combined with a dryish formula mean it's hard to overdose on the highlighter/concealer.

What makes this slightly different to other highlighter/concealer pens is the texture which is quite thick and very pigmented. On first use I found that it dries very quickly and becomes too dry to blend out. The trick is to use a damp brush or sponge so that you don't blend it away but you can manoeuvre the product to where you want it.

The effect is quite good though, decent coverage of dark circles and any redness. From a distance it looks flawless and I was impressed with how bright and clear my undereyes looked. However on closer inspection it does dry in to wrinkles and clings like a limpet to any dry patches on your skin.

My suggestion if you are going use this product for the brilliant highlighting and concealing properties (there is no shimmer which is good) then moisturise extra well to prevent it drying too quickly and settling in to fine lines/dry bits.

I like this product for highlighting too, bring it down the from the undereye area to a point on the middle of the cheek in a triangle and blend for really well defined and chiselled cheeks. Use above the jawline from ear to ear to add even more depth to sculpted cheek hollows.

Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer is a bit of a bargain at £6.49 from Superdrug and at Sleek MakeUP's online store from 11 May 2011.


  1. Do you know if Sleek be available in the US?

  2. Hi Katherine, sorry I don't know if you can get it in the US, you could try tweeting or emailing them via the website?

  3. Hey Katherine, you can get it from Sleek's official website. They ship internationally.

  4. Thanks for your reply MsDriftedSW :)

  5. Jasmine, what did you think of the shade you received (L02)? Was it a good match, concealer wise?

  6. L02 is very light, perfect for that bright look, however I might buy L03 for a more natural look :)


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